Livin' On The Edge




Livin’ on the Edge Project

This on-edge technique involves cutting & arranging strips of Bullseye Streaky or Collage Glass on edge, fusing together & finally slumping into a mold for a finished piece.


Cut Your Glass Into Strips

Cut your chosen glass into 3/8” strips         
using a strip-cutter & Running Pliers.
Clean each piece with an ammonia-free   
glass cleaner.

Safety Tip: Be careful not to cut yourself
 when cleaning the strips, as they easily
tear through towels.

Arrange the Strips on Edge into Your Chosen Design

Set the strips on edge, creating the desired pattern or design.  
Once you are pleased with your design, dam the edges
using 1/4 “ strips of Fiber-Frax & kiln posts situated on their
sides on the kiln shelf.

Design Tip: Try using a single piece of Bullseye Streaky or Collage for this project. Keep the strips in order as you cut them to emphasize the original pattern of the glass. You can also mix & match for a more randomized effect.

Full Fuse Firing Schedule COE90                              Slump Firing Schedule COE90

Rate (F)    Temperature (F)   Hold(:m)                            Rate (F)    Temperature (F)   Hold(:m)

250                   1100                 :10                                100                 1225                 :45
250                   1250                 :30                                AFAP               900                 :45
400                   1480                 :20                                100                  700                  :0
AFAP                 900                  :45                               
100                   700                   :0

Compose, Fire & Slump

Coldworking the edges of the fired part sheet may be desired. This will depend on the mold you have chosen, how accurately you cut the length of your strips & ultimately, your vision of your finished piece. Slump into your mold you have chosen.


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