Mica Powder "Pixie Dust", Various Colors

SKU Size Price Quantity
8423 Sparkle Gold $5.49 

8421 Super Copper $5.49 

8420 Super Sparkle $5.49 

8422 Super Bronze $5.49 

Mica powder adds color, sparkle, depth and interest to your fused glass pieces. To apply, just sprinkle on using a spoon or powder sifters depending on the amount desired, and fuse between two layers of glass. If you are applying only a fine layer, you can skip the clear glass overlay. For more precise designs mica powder can be mixed with Liquid Stringer and painted or silk screened just like enamel.  Each bag contains about a half ounce.

These colors hold up to 1400F. Mica powder is compatible with any glass, except COE 33.