Wissmach Glass Medium Violet Transparent, Luminescent, 3mm COE96

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178996 Size 8" x 10.5"

178997 Size 10.5" x 16"

178995 Size 16" x 21"

Fusers have a new option in fusible COE96 glass! The Wissmach Glass Company is manufacturing a complete line of compatible glass tested with all COE96 labeled glasses. It is specifically formulated to avoid devitrification. Hand made in the USA, Wissmach is one of the most economical fusible glass lines available. A variety of Opaque and Transparent colors in 3 mm thickness makes it an ideal choice for glass fusers. The low cost of 2mm black and clear makes them a 'must have' in any jewelry maker's studio.

Tips on firing Wissmach Luminescent glass: 

  • Firing with the coated side down on a powdered kiln wash dusted fiber shelf will intensify the coating.
  • Firing with the coated side down on a kiln washed shelf or shelf paper will keep a bright coating.
  • The color will stay vibrant on dark colors but will fade on lighter colors when fired with the coated side up.
  • The coating will not be visible when fired with the coated side covered by another piece of transparent glass.

Important 16" x 21" Sheet Information:
*16" x 21" sheets require a minimum of 3 sheets (mixing of colors is allowed) to safely ship in a box.
*If you select 2 or less 16" x 21" sheets wecan't ship your order.
*Shipping for 16" x 21"sheets is an estimate. You are responsible for the actual cost of shipping.
*16" x 21" sheets are not eligible for our next day shipping guarantee.