Bullseye Glass Dichroic Sizzle Stix, Black, Rainbow, 6mm width COE90

SKU Size Price Quantity
4230 4 Sizzle Stix 4" each $15.90 

4231 12 Sizzle Stix 8" each (1/2 tube) $73.90 

4232 12 Sizzle Stix 16" each (full tube) $123.90 

Glass that exhibits different colors in transmitted and reflected light. Sizzle Stix are cut from 1.6mm thin Bullseye Compatible COE90 clear and black glass and dichroic-coated by Coatings By Sandberg (CBS), known for making lasting dichroic coatings that resist burning out at high temperatures. Pre-fired to round the edges and minimize thermal shock in the flame. Great for fusing, lampworking, and beadmaking. Available in Narrow (3mm) and Wide (6mm) widths.