Firing Instructions & Helpful Tips

Our etched glass should be cut on the non-etched (back) side.  It may be cut on the etched side if it has been fired etched side down on the kiln shelf to ~1350 degrees first. 

Dichroic or Bullseye Iridescent Etched Glass
- May be clear capped or uncapped.
- Fire etched side down for a matte finish.
- Fire etched side up for a glossy finish.  This is dependant upon the top temperature reached.  A fire polishing temperature for your kiln will result in a beautifully glossy finish.

Luminescent Etched Glass
- Do not cap with clear.
- Must be fired either face down on a fiber product (ThinFire, Papyros, Fiberfrax) or face up with the fiber product covering the coating.  It is essential to protect the coating by firing on a fiber product or the coating will burn off.
- May be slumped face up without fiber paper over it once it has been fully fused. Once fully fused, it may be fired again if desired, face up, below 1400 degrees (we don't exceed 1250 degrees).

**Remember that every kiln is different, so the temperatures given are for reference purposes only.  

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