Gold and Black Sugar Skulls Decal Sheet

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Decals can be fired on top of pre-fired glass to add dimension and interest to your glass creations, and they can be used with any COE glass. They are simple to use, affordable, and the results are absolutely gorgeous!

One 5.25" x 4" sheet with 12 Sugar Skulls decals in Black/ Gold . The decals are 1.25" x 1".

These decals have a firing range of 1240-1450, depending on finish. Manufacturers suggested firing schedule: 100 DPH to 185 degrees HOLD/SOAK 30 min. 200 DPH to 600 degrees HOLD/SOAK 15 min. 600 DPH to 1000 degrees HOLD/SOAK 10 min. 1000 DPH to 1240 - 1350 degrees (1250 - 1450 for metallic decals) HOLD/SOAK 10 mins. Anneal for the thickness of the glass.