Oceanside Glass Spirit Murano COE96

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170618 Size 6"x6" $7.96 

170619 Size 6"x12" $13.96 

170620 Size 12"x12" $24.96 

170621 Size 24"x24" $92.96 

With System 96 products, glass artists may combine blowing, casting, torch work, and of course fusing. Produced by Oceanside Glass and Tile, these products are tested to be compatible, and are very smooth and easy to cut. Devitrification, commonly referred to as "devit," is rarely a problem. Most glass blowing studios use glass with a COE of 95 or 96, making System 96 glass products very versatile.

Important 24" x 24" Sheet Information:
*24" x 24" sheets require a minimum of 3 sheets (mixing of colors is allowed) to safely ship in a box.
*If  you select 2 or less 24" x 24" sheets we can't ship your order.
*Shipping for 24" x 24" sheets is an estimate. You are responsible for the actual cost of shipping.
  *24" x 24" sheets are not eligible for our next day shipping guarantee.